Custom Voice

Give your application a one-of-a-kind, recognizable brand voice, with no coding required.

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It is time to create a unique digital voice for your apps, bots and devices. With Microsoft Custom Voice service, you can build a highly natural voice without a single line of code, starting from just a few minutes of audio.

High-quality voice

With 8 hours of high-quality voice recordings, you can train a highly natural voice model that can be used in various scenarios.

Standard-quality voice

Build a full digital voice model by complete self-services, with as little as 3 hours of high-quality audio recordings.

Basic voice

Create a basic voice to start your proof-of-concept, starting from one minute to 2 hours of speech data.

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Find out more offerings for your unique voice experience

  • Custom Voice turn-key solution

    This solution offers the best-quality digital voices you can ever get, fully-tested, manually fine-tuned and optimized with high level tools and strict quality control. Supports 49 languages.

  • Neural TTS (preview)

    Our latest groundbreaking deep neural network technology enables you to create a voice model that generates speeches highly close to human recordings.